Jude’s Nursery

I’ve been meaning to share photos of Jude’s completed nursery with you for months now! It’s my favorite room in the house and I’d like to think that Jude feels the same way since he started to sleep better once we moved him into his own room around four-months-old.

We didn’t give Jude his own room right away for a few reasons – the biggest being that we were losing our office and guest room. When the time finally came for Jude to have him own room we were more than ready to get moving!

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Stuck Indoors? Our Favorite Pinterest Finds to Keep Kids Busy

This winter has been a real tough one with a busy 2-year-old. We spent a lot of days stuck indoors due to polar vortexes and blizzards. Just when spring rolls around and we think its safe to step outside come the all day never-ending showers. Grey days that just make you want to curl up and stay inside.

Here are some activities I tried this winter to keep Eyan busy (most of which were found on Pinterest – click the headers for links!):


Construction Sensory Box

There are a lot of cool ideas for sensory boxes online but Eyan has little construction vehicles so we went with this theme. I threw rice and beans in a tupperware bin (that had a lid for easy storage!) and hoped it wouldn’t be a huge mess. But of course it was. I’m still finding little pieces of rice in our living room! But he was entertained for an hour straight – priceless when you’re stuck indoors.


Colorful Geometric Sun Catcher

We recently tried this one and our result is not as nice as the above! I think that’s called a #pinterestfail?

The tutorial is in Spanish, so I used what we had around the house – wax paper, glue and tissue paper. It was a fun activity for Eyan though – that’s all that counts! Continue reading “Stuck Indoors? Our Favorite Pinterest Finds to Keep Kids Busy”

Q&A with Miranda from Whistle & Flute

By now I’m sure most of you are familiar with Whistle & Flute, the bold and creative clothing brand from Victoria, B.C., Canada. What you may not know is that Whistle & Flute is a family affair – designed and run by husband and wife team Miranda and Ryan McCullagh, parents to Akira and Archer.


// Miranda (who was pregnant with Archer at the time), husband Ryan and son Akira //

whistlefluteblog-1024x332.jpgMiranda and Ryan decided to create the line following the birth of their son, Akira. They wanted to create a line of children’s clothing featuring printed designs that they themselves would wear.

Printed on American Apparel, Whistle & Flute’s designs are versatile and can go with any outfit – something I love in our household! I also love that Whistle & Flute clothing is unisex so Eyan’s hand-me-downs can go on to his baby brother or sister.

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