Modern Essentials + Mimosas Workshop

Modern Essentials & Mimosas Event at Half Pint Shop


Calling all modern mamas – Half Pint Shop is hosting a chill morning just for you!

Join Lady Berman Jewelry, Clean Beauty with Annie Murray and Mothercraft Essentials for a morning full of shopping, discussion and DIY. Each guest will blend their very own personalized fragrance with essential oils. You can also shop Lady Berman’s newest jewelry line, including her lava rock essential oil jewelry, and test clean beauty from Beauty Counter with Annie Murray.

Of course, there will be mimosa punch and light snacks!

Check it out —-> Modern Essentials & Mimosas Event.

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No Sew DIY Dog Sweater

When we had our kids our first child – our dog – defintely lost some of our attention. We try to spoil him now and then to make up for it, with nice treats and toys.

Our friends at Rover asked us to share a DIY for pets so our gift this year was easy: a no sew sweater made from an old holiday sweater! Learn more below:

The holidays are a time for family, inspiration, and creativity. If you’re anything like the Dog People at, involving the family pet in festivities is a given. We’ve worked with 12 DIY bloggers to bring you a different daily craft for 12 days, for you to try at home. So deck the paws and count down to a furry Christmas with us!

On the Fifth Day of DIY, your fur love did receive: DIY Healthy Dog Treats.

On the Sixth Day of DIY, your fur love will receive: DIY No Sew Dog Sweater.


  1. Measure your pup around the chest, neck and from the neck to the base of the tail.


2. Find a sweater that has a sleeve wide enough to fit around your dog’s chest.

3. Cut the sleeve off of the sweater.

4. Measure down from the cuff and cut the sleeve so that the top is longer than the bottom. Hint: If your pup is a boy cut the underside short!


5. Now you just need to cut leg holes! You don’t need to cut large holes because the sweater material will stretch. Measure your pup from the bottom side of the neck to where their legs are. Measure how far the pup’s legs are apart. For a small dog this is usually about 5” down the and 3-4 inches apart. Cut the holes out of the bottom layer of the sweater only!


6. Try the sweater on your pup and make adjustments if necessary!


Keep your pup warm this winter!


Stuck Indoors? Our Favorite Pinterest Finds to Keep Kids Busy

This winter has been a real tough one with a busy 2-year-old. We spent a lot of days stuck indoors due to polar vortexes and blizzards. Just when spring rolls around and we think its safe to step outside come the all day never-ending showers. Grey days that just make you want to curl up and stay inside.

Here are some activities I tried this winter to keep Eyan busy (most of which were found on Pinterest – click the headers for links!):


Construction Sensory Box

There are a lot of cool ideas for sensory boxes online but Eyan has little construction vehicles so we went with this theme. I threw rice and beans in a tupperware bin (that had a lid for easy storage!) and hoped it wouldn’t be a huge mess. But of course it was. I’m still finding little pieces of rice in our living room! But he was entertained for an hour straight – priceless when you’re stuck indoors.


Colorful Geometric Sun Catcher

We recently tried this one and our result is not as nice as the above! I think that’s called a #pinterestfail?

The tutorial is in Spanish, so I used what we had around the house – wax paper, glue and tissue paper. It was a fun activity for Eyan though – that’s all that counts! Continue reading “Stuck Indoors? Our Favorite Pinterest Finds to Keep Kids Busy”