Managing the Holiday Rush

The holidays are upon us and is anyone else feeling overwhelmed and unorganized? Each fall I make a spreadsheet for projects and gifts and find some way for our family to give back to our community. But by the second week in December I am always in a bit of a panic wondering what I have done or not done. To make matters worse we have been sick! Anyone else?


At times like these I try to remember that the only things that really matter are that my family is clothed and fed and that we do a few basic things to celebrate the holiday and give back. It doesn’t matter if the gifts are color coordinated and that the house is in order.

I have my oils out in full force and calming music on all day long as I hope that both boys will be well enough to be back in school very soon.

So just a reminder to be gentle with yourself this holiday season and to let those big expectations go. xo

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