Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I love to hear ghost stories and Halloween is my favorite holiday season. I always dressed up as a witch and even traveled to Salem, MA a few years ago to geek out over the history and Hocus Pocus film sites.

While in Las Vegas last week, we visited the newly opened Zak’s Haunted Mansion. I don’t want to give too much away, but we saw some pretty spooky things during our two hour tour. It’s reported that some guests have become overwhelmed with sadness and they warn that spirits may travel home with visitors.


As much as I love Halloween and a good spook, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything otherworldly myself. Sure, there’s the relative who had a photo with a floating head and other strange stories, but I’m not convinced bumps in the night really exist.

I asked around for some real life ghost stories, partly because I was curious and also because I wanted to share a good scare. Read below, if you dare…


Jessica Pritchett Shepard:

“When my husband and I first got married we lived in a condo downtown. It was an area for young couples with no kids, but our condo itself suggested otherwise.

The bathtub had a handicap bar in it. All the light switches/outlets were not at code, outlets were up like 18″ from the baseboard. Lights were a little above waist length. Then all the cabinets & sinks were super low, like hit me at my hip bone & I’m 5’3.

Anyways, it seemed obvious someone disabled lived there. But the condos weren’t old, ours only had one previous owner who was not disabled.  I always got the sense someone was watching me. The air was heavy. I can’t explain it but it felt like inside the house was just like dense. Every time we would take a shower, (shower was in separate room than bathroom vanity) you would hear another person slamming cabinets, turning water on and off, it was super loud. After one super loud shower I asked hubby how hard do you slam these cabinets. He asked what I meant, I explained it, he said, I’ve been in the kitchen (downstairs). He had been hearing it too when he took a shower, but thought it was me.

Then one morning, I saw an apparition on the stairs. She was smokey white, she looked little and old, like she was wearing a floor length dress, pajamas or robe. I wasn’t scared of her, that’s kind of what I felt like was there; someone older or disabled just lingering in their old home. But, because of my prior investigation, I knew no one lived there that was disabled or really old.

I knew someone loosely that claimed to be some ghost reader, she said she’d moved them from one place to another, like to cross over. I told her what I saw, what was going on; she investigated the history of the home and found nothing. She came over and decided to see if she could get the lady to pass over. I took her up to the bathroom and she started breathing super heavy, shaking, just being super weird. I think she even cried. She said I had a black thing over my shoulder that was drawn to me and was trying to drain me. She said it wasn’t evil but it wasn’t good. I freaked of course.

Luckily, we moved shortly after and nothing happened again. However, after I moved, a mutual friend of the ghost reader said that she told them that the entity she saw could be evil, it was very heavy and oppressive. She said she could hardly breath around it and it was for sure a male presence – she just didn’t want to scare me so she never told me that.

I don’t know, thankfully nothing followed me when we moved. I’ve had some other things happen, but I’ve not felt anything heavy like that again.”

Carly Dagostino:

“I went to a really old catholic school that was also a convent. My friend and I were moving boxes for our school play from the back stage to the cafeteria. There was a long hallway backstage that led to the main building. The hallway was connected to a storage room with a bunch of old stuff and furniture from the convent because they were remodeling and stored it there. We were carrying a heavy box (my friend and I each holding one side) and we looked over to the storage area and saw on the old green love seat with an old woman wearing a long black dress with scraggly white hair sitting on it. She then disappeared. We both did not even say a word to eachother this entire engagement but we both dropped the box at the same time and started sprinting out of the hallway. We got out to the cafeteria area and she said “did you just see” and at the same time we said “that old lady in the black dress who disappeared” and then we freaked out because we both saw the exact same thing without even saying a word when it happened. Two years later a different friend and I were doing service work there for school. I told her the story and we started to pretend ghost hunt. We walk down the little hallway (it was pitch black) and I took a picture with my handheld camera to make sure there weren’t boxes that we could trip on. We go on the stage for only a few minutes walk back down the hallway and it is FREEEZINGGG like we both got the chills and I turn back around to take another picture to see if it was still empty in the hall (because no lights were on) and got a picture of an entirely foggy bluefish/whitish color covering the whole hall. And we booked it the hell out of there.”

Hallway before & after, while Carly felt the chills.

Aymie Odell:

“My very first condo, I think I was 21 at the time. It was always little small things, I’d turn a light off and it would turn back on. I left a couple dishes in the sink one day before work and came home to a butcher knife perfectly placed on the floor pointing at the door, I was the only one there and obviously didn’t put it there. I always felt like I was being watched; one night I was laying in bed and everything on the book shelf fell over. Another night I woke up to a white fog over me and couldn’t get up. I started getting crazy bruises all over my legs and wouldn’t go home anymore unless someone else was there. I moved after 6 months, the only thing I know that happened there was the owners wife passing of old age so I have no clue what it was.”

Jesly Reyes:

“When I was 8 the apartment we used to live in was definitely creepy. Out of nowhere we started having activity. A number of things happened but there is one time I remember specifically. One morning my mom, brother and I were in the kitchen table getting ready to eat our breakfast when we started hearing drumming coming from our bathroom. My younger sister at the time was potty training and she had a toilet with a lid. When you beat on the toilet it made the exact same noise. The drumming went on for about a minute or two non-stop. It was definitely weird but we tried to brush it off. All of a sudden this toy in our playroom started going off. That’s when my brother started freaking out and covered his ears. My mom and I started walking towards the room to see if it was just acting weird. Once we got to the room, the toy stopped. So we decided to go back to the table and the toy started going off again and we went back to check. The same thing happened and the toy stopped once we got into the bedroom. By the third time my mom decided to take out the batteries. When we went back to sit down, a different toy turned on. We decided to let it play but it only lasted 30 seconds and then it never turned on again.”


Scared yet? If not, you may want to see this this creepy video.


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