How I reconnect with my kids

Being a working mom, weeks can speed by and I feel the guilt creeping in about missing out on quality time with my kids. A few months ago I told myself I needed to do something about this, so I came up with a plan.

Every Sunday, I sit down and plan activities for the kids and I at least twice a week. These aren’t grand plans but rather simple ways we can turn the mundane into an adventure and reconnect. My three year old loves a trip to the post office, where we point out the mural of the Chicago fire on the wall and point out the landmarks and trains. For my six year old, this means letting him plan a dinner once a week (including writing a grocery list!) and then we cook it as a family. This┬ámeal was a hit and breakfast for dinner is always a win.


Other simple ways we spend time together:

– We often make games of bedtime. I time the boys and we see who can get ready the fastest! No one wants to be the rotten egg. With Jude I sing the ABC’s as he brushes his teeth. It’s his favorite song so he makes sure we never forget this nightly ritual.

– When the kids are with me in the shop I try to turn “shop work” into fun. Eyan loves helping with the pricing gun and printing labels. Jude really loves to mop and sweep -really!

During these times I try my best to put my phone away and clear my head of any to-do’s on my list. Five uninterrupted minutes of playing or talking about their days leave us both feeling reconnected.

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