Fighting Those Back to School Germs with Essential Oils

Our family has been using essential oils for a few years now and I love the results. Whether it’s lifting our moods or helping us focus, I find multiple ways to work them into our everyday lives. My friend Julie from Our Cozy Nook is an expert and is sharing her advice for keeping the kids healthy below:

It’s that time of year again; mom’s are rejoicing because our kids are back to school and we all have some semblance of a routine again, but none of us are looking forward to all the new germs that seem to get brought home those first few months.  Thankfully, I have had really good luck proactively supporting my kiddos immunity with essential oils and my kids very rarely miss a day of school, and I want that for you too!

When my oldest began preschool I braced myself assuming we’d have a lot to work through germ-wise, since up until then she’d always been at home with me, and never really exposed to a lot of new germs.  I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter only missed one day of school at the very end of the year!  Here are some of the things that we do in our home to keep us healthy, as well as ways to nip things in the bud when we do come down with something icky.  At the very end is more information, as well as a link to sign up for free upcoming workshops at Half Pint Shop to learn more!


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This blend of oils is the perfect combo of oils to help kill germs, increase and support immune function, and to support our bodies as they repair when we have been in contact with germs.  I love that doTERRA makes a number of products with OnGuard so that we can be boosting and supporting immune fucntion in many ways throughout the day.   Each morning before school I apply the OnGuard Touch roller to my girls.  I either apply to the bottoms of their feet, or to their spine.  Because the Touch rollers are pre-diluted and safe for all ages, it just takes 2 seconds and is so easy.  It’s the last thing we do before we grab our backpacks and head out the door.  I also use the OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate to clean our home.  It is anti-bacterial and safe (no chemicals or additives!).  I put 2 Tbsps into 24oz of filtered water in a spray bottle.  I use this to clean all the surfaces in our home: kitchen, bathrooms, door handles, all of it!  Not only do I want a “clean” option for my home, but I am also boosting our health every time we come into contact with it!  It’s the same reason we use the OnGuard foaming hand soap too!  It’s free of chemicals (and especially triclosan) and again, when we use it we are boosting our health!


Vitamins and Probiotics:  Each day my kids also take an A2Z vitamin and a sachet of PB Assist Jr.  The vitamins are made from whole foods and essential oils.  Not only does that mean that there aren’t synthetic substances and fillers, but it also means that these vitamins are fully bio-available.  That means our bodies recognize it as food, allowing us to fully metabolize and utilize 100% of it.  Most other vitamins are synthetic, so our bodies will flush a large majority of the supplement because it doesn’t recognize it or know what to do with it.  The Probiotic sachets are a favorite of my kiddos, and they legitimately beg me for them.  They are little packets of strawberry watermelon flavored double-encapsulated probiotics.  6 billion CFU’s and the double encapsulation ensures that the probiotics make it through your upper digestive system so that they can get to your intestines to populate it with healthy, supportive gut flora.  Having healthy gut flora is not only important to our immunity (70-80% of our immunity comes from the gut!) but it also helps with neurological function and mood, which is so important for learning and development in children.  In fact up to 95% of our serotonin come from our gut!


InTune:  For our kiddos that have trouble focusing this blend works wonders!  I apply this blend to either the spine or the bottoms of the feet (if you’d rather not have the scent).  This blend helps to increase concentration and focus and can be helpful for all kiddos!  Other options for focus are: Rosemary, Frankincense, and Peppermint.


Lavender:  Do you have a kiddo that’s feeling anxious about separating from you or about school in general?  Lavender has been such an amazing tool for us.  I have my daughter put some on her wrists and chest before school starts, and I also keep some in a spray bottle with filtered water that I spray on her hair before I comb through it each day.  Hair serves as a natural diffuser!  If it’s permissible, I also like to send my daughter with a rollerball of Lavender in her backpack that she can use as needed.  She uses it for anxiety, headaches and tummy aches!


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OnGuard Beadlets: These are tiny veggie capsules (about the size of a dippin dot).  It’s an 1/8th of a drop of essential oil. Taking the oils internally helps for systemic issues; quickly spreading through our systems to target inflammation and to boost our body’s natural defenses.


Peppermint:  I recommend this for ages 2 and older.  It is great to help bring down high temperatures.  Apply to feet and to the spine.  It is also wonderful for head and muscle tension, and respiratory health.


Lemon: All citrus oils are anti-bacterial, and work to help you body naturally break up congestion.  Apply to sinus area (careful to avoid the eye cavity) as well as the chest and back.  Also lemon, paired with any tree oil (frankincense, cedarwood, cypress, Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir, Arborvitae, etc.) can be use safely to support respiratory health in place of peppermint for children under the age of 2.


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