Some Advice on Going from One to Two Kids

Today’s post comes from my lovely friend Olivia Metzger


At just short of seven months into life with two kids I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but there are a few things that have helped me manage this crazy transition…

Be ambitious. Seriously. Take both kids out on your own to the grocery store, the playground, your favorite coffee shop. Anywhere, really. It may seem overwhelming (and take forever to get out the door) but the more you attempt to do the quicker you’ll learn how to handle two kiddos in various situations and ultimately prove to yourself that you’ve got this!


But have no expectations. This was probably the best piece of advice I got before our second son was born. Let all preconceived notions go – for yourself and your kids. Your house is a mess. Oh well. The kids haven’t been bathed for several days. No biggie. You cook scrambled eggs for every meal. Par for the course. Your life is in transition right now so try to be gentle with yourself and your little ones and let go of the need to have everything “just so.”

Divide and conquer. Once a second baby comes along the very limited amount of free time you had is completely gone. There are literally no breaks. So when we can, my husband and I will split the boys up for short periods of time. Not only does this allow each parent some coveted one-on-one time with each child but managing one little human’s needs is a piece of cake compared to managing two little humans’ needs.


Embrace the chaos. Try and accept the sleepless nights and busy days as part of a phase of life that’s also filled with countless snuggles, tender moments, and so much sweetness. I know it’s a cliché but time truly flies and your babies will be grown before you know it so don’t wish this time away. Life with two small children can be crazy but at the same time these early years are so special.

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