Can’t Live Without: The Sound Machine

When friends and family ask for suggestions on baby registry items, I always give one answer: the sound machine. It’s a magical little white noise maker that lulls my entire family to sleep. In fact, we own three.


Sleep, glorious sleep.

Living in the city we get our fair share of noise. But what most baby books will tell you is that newborns thrive on noisy environments for sleep – the womb is a noisy place! Some of the best naps my kids have had were in strollers, particularly in NYC. The trains, traffic and chatter kept them in that sweet REM cycle for hours.

When my youngest was born and (of course) started to have sleep issues we panicked and ordered every device and sleep tool we could find. This time in my life is very fuzzy due to lack of sleep, but what helped my little night owl out most was his new sound machine. Fast forward six years and every member of our house sleeps with one. We even travel with them. Without them we’re lost. But with them? Blissful sleep (most of the time!).


So this is my tribute to the machine that got my first born to sleep longer and my second to sleep well from the beginning. May your cords never fray, may your tiny motor never run out.

Here is a round-up of some highly rated sound machines:


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