Jude’s Nursery

I’ve been meaning to share photos of Jude’s completed nursery with you for months now! It’s my favorite room in the house and I’d like to think that Jude feels the same way since he started to sleep better once we moved him into his own room around four-months-old.

We didn’t give Jude his own room right away for a few reasons – the biggest being that we were losing our office and guest room. When the time finally came for Jude to have him own room we were more than ready to get moving!

Remember this nursery inspiration board I posted last summer?


I stayed pretty true to my inspiration, as you’ll see.


My mom rocked that wall with a sharpie paint pen. We modified the design from this tutorial. You can also find a great DIY post here.

Fine Little Day Tomato Print / Themis Mobile / Crib / Similar style Rocker / Heirloom Bear Blanket / Rug / Curtains


Salt Rock Lamp found here (it helps purify the air and gives off a warm glow as a night light).

Fine Little Day Prints / Freshly Picked Moccs / Changing Table Cover / Custom Hey Jude sign


Clothes Bag / Love You Night Light / Storage Bin 1 & 2 / Runaway Print

I hope Jude’s nursery is a great space that he can grow into. I now know that whatever theme you plan for a child’s room will never stick once they become an outspoken toddler. Eyan’s room was “Where the Wild Things Are” themed and now it’s a mix between space and trains, of course.

Here are some other kids spaces I’m loving right now:

Juniper’s sweet nursery

Ruffled Snob’s shared boy’s space

Lolly’s simple & clean nursery





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