Q&A with Miranda from Whistle & Flute

By now I’m sure most of you are familiar with Whistle & Flute, the bold and creative clothing brand from Victoria, B.C., Canada. What you may not know is that Whistle & Flute is a family affair – designed and run by husband and wife team Miranda and Ryan McCullagh, parents to Akira and Archer.


// Miranda (who was pregnant with Archer at the time), husband Ryan and son Akira //

whistlefluteblog-1024x332.jpgMiranda and Ryan decided to create the line following the birth of their son, Akira. They wanted to create a line of children’s clothing featuring printed designs that they themselves would wear.

Printed on American Apparel, Whistle & Flute’s designs are versatile and can go with any outfit – something I love in our household! I also love that Whistle & Flute clothing is unisex so Eyan’s hand-me-downs can go on to his baby brother or sister.

Miranda found time in her busy schedule as mom of two and designer to reveal a bit more about herself and Whistle & Flute:

– You went to design school, but what did you do before starting Whistle & Flute?

Well, I got married when I was 20! A totally crazy move, but one of my best. My husband and I both attended the same design school, him for graphic design and me for fashion. That didn’t work out for me but meanwhile we had formed a indie pop band called The Paper Cranes.

– Besides being a parent, is Whistle & Flute your full time job?

Yes! I am a stay-at-home mom and was exclusively for a year until we started Whistle & Flute. Ryan still works full time outside of the home as a graphic designer. Sundays are our big work day for Whistle & Flute.

– Where do you draw inspiration from?

I love good design and Instagram has been a huge source of inspiration for seeing how people decorate their homes and dress their kids.

– How do you handle the work/life balance? Especially with a newborn & toddler!

I am still working on this!

– What have you found to be your newborn essentials this time around?
My Solly Baby Wrap has been a life saver!


Thank you Miranda!

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